Did you know that Americans planted over 20 million victory gardens during WWI and WWII? We love this image of families and communities coming together to support each other and encourage freedom through peaceful action.

You are invited to be a part of a community victory garden. We love living in Eastown, eating fresh food, digging in the dirt, and learning about what’s going on in West Michigan. Please join us as we embark on this delicious adventure!

What to expect from this garden:

*opportunities to watch food grow in your neighborhood

*encouragement to get your hands dirty, helping us build, plant, and harvest

*lessons on different gardening techniques to bring to your own backyard

*field trips to local farms where you will get to meet west Michigan’s farmers

*discovering how to invest in our local food system

*(maybe the best part of growing food) …scrumptious community meals

The founding ladies (Kelley, Stacy, Pearl, Rosie, Rose, and Rose) at the Barefoot Victory Garden before breaking ground.