Tonight the Barefoot Victory Garden entered Sunday Soup #11 held at the DAAC for a chance to receive a micro grant to support the garden. We were one of four proposals and it was a packed house. The way Sunday Soup works is that with $5 attendees get a bowl of tasty soup, hang out with friends, and a chance to vote. During the dinner proposals are presented before the attendees. After each presentation attendees are given an opportunity to ask the presenters questions and give ideas for their proposals. At the end of the night everyone votes for the proposal they would like to support. Whoever receives the most votes receives all the money from the door. We had a lot of fun tonight presenting but it wouldn’t have been quite so fun if we hadn’t been given the most votes for our proposal and a grant of $482.

Our presentation consisted of 5 parts. The introduction and description of the Barefoot Victory Garden was presented by Kristi Arbogast, Rose Beerhost spoke about our choice to garden organically, I (Stacy Feyer) talked about the importance of community gardening, Rachel Mckay talked about a new project through Americorp that we will be hosting this year teaching children about gardening and nutrition, and Kathleen Merz talked about what we would be doing with our grant money. We played a video of the garden that was made by Pearl Beerhorst and read a poem by Wendell Berry called “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front”, which was a great inspiration in starting the garden.

With the money we were given we will be purchasing seeds, planning our annual benefit concert in April, and building a new compost system. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us tonight. We look forward to putting your money to use and helping grow a beautiful, bountiful garden in Eastown once again this year.

Also, we will be having an interest meeting for interested gardeners on Thursday March 24 @ 7:30 pm.  The meeting will be held at 250 Fuller Ave SE.  Look forward to seeing you.